Mission Statement
Pennypack Music Festival (PPMF) is a community based non-profit organization dedicate to promoting the performing arts and producing concerts which are free to the public for the cultural enrichment and enjoyment of the members of the surrounding communities.  Additionally, to carry out PPMF's mission to support the performing arts, we plan to showcase local school bands, and to present grant awards to the local schools' music programs.  We also offer internships to students from a local accredited music school program.  We plan to invite the Philadelphia Police Explorers Cadets to be a presence at the concerts, which serves as hours of training for students in the program.on, lighting, sound, and staff to manage the crowds. All are invited to attend, there are no restrictions. The concerts are free, the operating expenses are covered by the fundraising efforts of the PPMF board members. This service is so meaningful to and appreciated by all the music lovers who, for various reasons, cannot attend music performances at the major venues in the Philadelphia area. As for the mission aspect of promoting the performing arts, PPMF showcases students from local music school programs at the concerts.